christopher pi˝ˇn

Swing and a miss, strike one.

Each of us, deep down, believes that the whole world issues from his own precious body, like images projected from a tiny slide onto an earth-sized screen. And then, deeper down, each of us knows he's wrong.

Swing and a miss, strike two.

Chad Harbach, The Art of Fielding

who am i

I'm a linguist and teach linguistics at UniversitÚ Lille 3 in France. In addition, I'm a member of the research laboratory UMR 8163 STL (UnitÚ mixte de recherche 8163 "Savoirs, textes, langage"), also located at Lille 3.

research interests

These include aspect (aspectuality, aspectual composition), adverbial modification, agentivity, modality, lexical semantics, degrees and vagueness, and ontologies for natural language semantics (in particular, the role of events and actions).



de koer

christopher pi˝ˇn, a.k.a. chris pi˝ˇn
last updated on 01 jan 2014

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